2011-2012 SDE/GWIS Fellowships Awardees

Adele Lewis Grant Fellowship 

 Patricia Silveyra
Patricia Silveyra, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Penn State College of Medicine

Role of miRNAs in the differential translation of Surfactant Protein A gene variants

Surfactant protein A (SP-A) plays a role in maintaining normal lung function, host defense, and inflammation. Prematurely born infants with insufficient SP-A exhibit higher risk for lung injury, infection, and respiratory disorders. Genetic variants of SP-A have been associated with lung disease susceptibility, and differ in regulatory regions (3’UTRs) that may interact with cellular microRNAs. MiRNAs are small molecules that repress translation, and have been reported as potential therapeutic targets. The goal of this project is to study whether specific miRNAs differentially affect the expression of genetic variants of SP-A.

Hartley Corporation Fellowship

Stephanie S. Gervasi
Research Assistant
Oregon State University, Department of Zoology

All hosts are not created equal: understanding variation in disease susceptibility among amphibian species

Loss of biodiversity represents one of the most urgent conservation issues of the 21st century. Some estimates suggest that the current rate of world-wide species extinctions exceeds any observed in the last 100,000 years (Wilson 1992). Global amphibian population declines represent one of the most dramatic examples of the biodiversity crisis; as many as one-third of all amphibian species are threatened by extinction (Stuart et al. 2004). As in other wildlife systems, emerging infectious diseases have come to play a central role in facilitating the loss of amphibians. The fungal pathogen, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd), which causes the disease, chytridiomycosis, has expanded in prevalence, impact and geographic and host range since its first discovery (Berger et al. 1998). Although we have learned a great deal about the ecology and spatial distribution of Bd, far less is known about species-specific variation in susceptibility to Bd and the physiological mechanisms that may underlie susceptibility, tolerance or resistance to the pathogen. My research bridges the complementary fields of ecology and comparative biology with the sciences of microbiology and immunology to characterize and explain variation in disease susceptibility in this conservation-relevant host-pathogen system.

SDE Fellowships

Caroline Duwaerts
Caroline C. Duwaerts
Pre-doctoral fellow
Brown University & Rhode Island Hospital

The complex roles of liver immune cells in biliary obstruction

Many liver diseases are accompanied by cholestasis, the accumulation of bile in the liver.  The mechanisms behind cholestasis are unknown.  My study aims to investigate the specific role that three immune cell populations, invariant natural killer T cells (iNKT), Kupffer cells (liver macrophages), and neutrophils, play in cholestatic liver disease.  Preliminary data show a strong link between iNKT cells and decreased cholestasis through Kupffer cell activation and suppression of neutrophil accumulation. It remains to be elucidated how this occurs.  The outcomes of this study would lead to better understanding the mechanisms of cholestasis and allow for improved therapeutic design.

Eva Fischer
Eva Kristin Fischer
PhD student and Teaching Assistant
Colorado State University

Adaptive evolution in hormonally mediated suites of traits

Responses to changing selection pressures involve adaptive evolutionary shifts in suites of traits. However, the evolutionary mechanisms and consequences of such correlated trait shifts remain poorly understood. My research aims to understand how genetic and environmental forces modify hormonal systems to drive adaptive evolution in suites of traits. I take advantage of an emergent model system, the Trinidadian guppy (Poecilia reticulata), and the extensive literature on corticosteroid stress responses to conduct this work. My overarching goal is to shed light on the complex interaction between genetic and plastic variation and the role of neuroendocrine systems in driving evolutionary processes.

Eloise Gerry Fellowships 

Tara Massad
Tara Joy Massad
Post-doctoral teaching fellow, Henry Chandler Cowles Lecturer
Program on the Global Environment
University of Chicago

Top-down and bottom-up effects in tropical forest restoration: Interactions between the taxonomic and trait diversity of planted seedlings, herbivory, sapling growth and natural recruitment

Top-down and bottom-up forces have strong effects on insect herbivores.  Top-down control comes from predators and parasitoids and bottom-up control relates to plant defenses.  Because herbivores limit plant growth in restoration, this project is designed to inform methods in tropical reforestation by investigating top-down and bottom-up limitations on herbivory in reforestation in Costa Rica.  The experiment includes variation in plant functional traits hypothesized to be important in limiting herbivory.  Herbivory and sapling growth are being monitored as is predator and parasitoid diversity.   It is hoped that a better understanding of plant-insect interactions in restoration will enhance sapling growth.

Madeline Girard
Madeline Brown Girard
Graduate student
University of California, Berkeley

Sexual selection favoring elaborate male displays in the peacock spider, Maratus volans

In nature, males often present females with complex, multi-modal (more than one sensory modality) signals. The adaptive significance (if any) of multi-modal signals is poorly understood, as is how females choose potential mates based on these complex signals. For my research I will examine the role of multi-modal signals in the mating behavior of the Australian endemic peacock spider, Maratus volans. Specifically I aim to: (1) Determine the type(s) of information contained in multi-modal signals and (2) Examine female preferences to multi-modal signals. By taking an in-depth look at signaling behavior and female preferences to these signals, I will investigate hypotheses regarding the function of multi-signals.

Ethel K. Allen Fellowships 

Cheryl Bowker
Cheryl Bowker
PhD student and Teaching Assistant
Colorado State University

Introduction history and patterns of spread of a tritrophic system in a novel habitat

When entire trophic assemblages are introduced to a novel habitat, the evolutionary dynamics of re-associations and novel biotic associations can be studied. I’m currently examining the establishment and spread of the tri-trophic, coevolved European system consisting of wild parsnip (Pastinaca sativa), parsnip webworm (Depressaria pastinacella), and the parasitoid, Copidosoma sosares, which has been introduced to the US at different points in time. Using molecular markers, I can determine the number of introductions, the genetic diversity of the founding organisms, and the location of the source population(s) to ultimately address the factors involved in the establishment and spread of invasive populations.

Vessa Notchev Fellowships

Elizabeth Droge Young
Elizabeth Droge-Young
Graduate Fellow
Syracuse University  

Identifying multigenerational fitness consequences to mate choice in Tribolium castaneum

Sexual selection can produce elaborate traits, but its influence on within population evolution is poorly understood. Three “episodes” of selection determine reproductive success, and thus trait evolution: (1) acquiring matings, (2) sperm competing to fertilize eggs after mating, and (3) producing quality offspring. The second episode is least understood because of difficulty in distinguishing sperm from different males within female reproductive tracts. Genetically transformed lines of beetles with fluorescently tagged sperm enable identification of individual’s sperm within females mated to multiple males. Combining observations of all “episodes” of selection will provide insight to the complexities of reproductive success

Nell I. Mondy Fellowships (food science and nutrition)

Laurel Redding
Laurel Redding
2nd year doctoral student/5th year VMD/PhD student
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and Graduate
Group in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of Pennsylvania

Understanding the use of antibiotics on small dairy farms in Cajamarca, Peru

Agriculture in developing countries predominately focuses on small farms which use animals to sustain livelihoods and produce income. Livestock health and productivity can be greatly improved with the proper use of animal medications, while improper use can result in adulteration of the food product, loss of income for farmers and constitute a public health threat.  In order for farmers to produce high quality, safe food products, the judicious use of animal drugs must be promoted. My research will describe drug use in dairy cattle in Cajamarca, Peru, a major dairy-producing center characterized by small farms, with the goal of improving animal health, productivity and milk quality.

Jokastah Wanzuu Kalungu
Jokastah Wanzuu Kalungu
PhD Student
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences- Germany

Implications of Climate Change on Rural Livelihoods and Household Food Security under rain-fed agriculture in Eastern Kenya

The study explores the impact of climate change and variability to small scale farmers in semi-arid (analogue 1) and sub humid (analogue 2) regions of Kenya. Specifically, it seeks to establish gender related coping strategies and sustainable crop and water management options with a view of influencing appropriate policy framework. The methods used include field trials, household interviews, focus group discussions and key informants interviews that will yield both qualitative and quantitative data.

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Complete list of




Key to Code field:

AC = In memory of K VW Palmer, A Romanoff & E Z Bailey, by Alpha Chapter ($750)

AHA = Anna Hoffman Award  ($750)

ALGA = Adele Lewis Grant Award  ($750)

ALGF = Adele Lewis Grant Fellowship

CSF =  Margery Carlson & Kate Staley Memorial Fellowship

EG = Eloise Gerry Fellowship ($1500–)

EKAF = Ethel K. Allen Fellowship

EMG = In memory of Esther M. Greisheimer, by Rho Chapter ($750)

GAA = Golden Anniversary Award ($2000)

GIA = Grant-in-Aid ($500 until 1970, $750 1971–)

HCF = Hartley Corporation Fellowship ($2500–$3500)

JLF = Jean Langenheim Fellowship 

LTA = Eli Lilly Travel Award ($200–$800)

MBF = Monique Braude Fellowship

MHF = Margaret Hays Memorial Fellowship

NIMF = Nell I. Mondy Fellowship

R = Research Fellowship ($1000–$1600)

SDEA = Sigma Delta Epsilon Award ($750)

SDEF = Sigma Delta Epsilon Fellowship

SS = Dr. Sarah E. Stewart Memorial Fellowship ($750)

SSA = Sarah Stewart Award  ($750)

SSF = Sarah Stewart Fellowship

VNF = Vessa Notchev Fellowship



Year       Code   Recipient                                      Field              Affiliation

1941-42     R            Frances Dorris-Humm, PhD               Zoology            Yale Univ., New Haven, CT

1943-44     R            Dorothy Marie Ziegler, MA                Zoology            Wash. Univ. St. Louis, MO

1947-48     R            Mary Patricia Dolciani, PhD               Mathematics      Inst. for Adv. Study, Princeton

1949-50     R            Irene T. Kone, MA                              Biochemistry     Western Reserve Univ.

1951-52     R            Christine Williams Ayoub, PhD          Mathematics      Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA

1954-55     R            Valerie Marie Hurst, MA                     Bacteriology      Wright-Fleming Inst.

                                                                                                                       Microbiol., London, UK

1957-58     R            Julia Haber, PhD                                 Botany              Penn State Univ.

1961          GIA        Joy Burcham Phillips, PhD                 Physiol/             Drew Univ.

                                                                                             Endocrinol        Madison, NJ

1962          GIA        Susann F. Biddulph, PhD                   Plant Physiol     Wash. State Univ., Pullman

1962          GIA        Vera R. Usdin, PhD                            Biochemistry     New Mexico Highlands Univ.,

                                                                                                                       Las Vegas

1963          GIA        Amegda Jack Overman, MS                Soil Microbiol   Gulf Coast Exper. Sta.,

                                                                                                                       Bradenton, FL

1963          GIA        Sr. M. Angelice Seibert, PhD              Biochemistry     Ursuline Coll., Louisville, KY

1963          GIA        Ruth Angeline Walker, PhD                Organic Chem   Hunter College, NY, NY

1964          GIA        Mercedes Delfinado, MS                    Entomology      Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu

1964          GIA        JoAnne Mueller, MA                           Protozoology    Evansville, IN

1964          GIA        Judith Williams, BS                            Microbiology    Texas Chr. U, Forth Worth

1965          GIA        Eleanor Alexander-Jackson, PhD        Bacteriology      Columbia Univ., NY, NY

1965          GIA        Clara Louise Dixon, MS                     Ornithology      Albion Coll., Albion, MI

1965          GIA        Elizabeth Thomas Lichtwardt, MS       Zoology            Lawrence, KS

1966          GIA        Penelope W. Coats, MMA                  Biology             Dallas, TX

1966          GIA        Claire Irene B. MacInnes, BA             Plant Physiol     Narragansett, RI

1966          GIA        Dolores J. McWinnie, PhD                 Zoology            DePaul Univ., Chicago, IL

1967          GIA        Mary Davis Ries, MS                          Entomology      Normal, IL

1967          GIA        Mary A. Shimabukuro                        Biology             Moorhead State Coll.,

                                                                                                                       Moorhead, MN

1967          GIA        Elizabeth D. Swiger, PhD                    Chemistry         Fairmont State Coll.,

                                                                                                                       Fairmont, WV

1968          GIA        Buena S. Ballard, PhD                        Zoology            Southwestern State Coll.,

                                                                                                                       Weatherford, OK

1968          GIA        Mary Powderly, MS                            Mathematics      Fairfield Univ., Fairfield, CT

1968          GIA        Barbara H. Turner, MS                       Botany              George Peabody Coll.,

                                                                                                                       Nashville, TN

1969          GIA        Grace L. Baker, MS                            Parasitology      Univ. of Missouri, Columbia

1969          GIA        Elizabeth Cheever, MS                        Biology             Scripps Clinic & Res.

                                                                                                                       Found’n, La Jolla, CA

1969          GIA        Elfriede M. Linsmaier-Bednar, PhD    Biology             Marquette Univ., Milwaukee

1970          GIA        Betty Friedman Klapper, MS              Botany              Ohio State Univ., Columbus

1970          GIA        Albertine Krohn, PhD                         Physical Chem  Univ. of Toledo, Toledo, OH

1970          GIA        Ruth Lindsey, PhD                              Phys Educ’n     Oklahoma St. Univ., Stillwater

1971          GIA        Harriet McCurdy Blanchard, PhD       Cell Biology      Univ. of Victoria, Victoria, BC

1971          GIA        Gloria Marie Law, MS                        Zoology            Univ. of California, Berkeley

1971          GIA        Beatrice Tinsley, PhD                          Astrophysics     Univ. of Texas, Dallas

1971          GAA       Chien-Shiung Wu                               Physics             Columbia Univ., NY, NY

1972          GIA        Margaret A. Acara, PhD                      Pharmacology   SUNY Buffalo, NY

1972          GIA        Helen B. Jordan, PhD                         Protozoology    Georgia State Univ.

1972          GIA        Rita Matthews, PhD candidate             Biology             Hunter College, SUNY, NY

1973          GIA        Lois H. Lindberg, PhD                        Immunology     Calif. State Univ., San Jose

1973          GIA        Sr. Katherine Seibert, PhD                  Oncology          Univ. of Notre Dame

1973          GIA        Ruthann P. Sturtevant, PhD                 Microbiology    Indiana State Univ.

1974          GIA        Phyllis R. Brown, PhD                        Chemistry         Univ. of Rhode Island

1974          GIA        Hallie F. Bundy, PhD                          Biochemistry     Mount St. Mary’s Coll.,

                                                                                                                       Los Angeles, CA

1974          GIA        Carol M. Knighten, PhD                     Mathematics      Univ. of Puerto Rico

1975          EG          Janet Spencer Anderson, PhD cand.    Physical Chem  Univ. of Wisconsin

1975          EG          Rhoda E. Craig, PhD                           Chemistry         Montana State Univ.

1975          EG          Marjorie P. Kraus, PhD                      Molec Genetics Univ. of Delaware

1975          GIA        Venita F. Allison, PhD candidate         Biology             Texas Women’s Univ.

1975          GIA        Mimi Koehl Glasser, PhD candidate   Zoology            Duke Univ., Durham, NC

1975          GIA        Dana J. Isherwood, PhD candidate      Geology            Univ. of Colorado

1975          GIA        Judith A. Walmsley, PhD                    Chemistry         Univ. of Toledo, Toledo, OH

1976          EG          Mimi Koehl Glasser, PhD                   Zoology            Duke Univ., Durham, NC

1976          EG          Deborah Drew Kaska, PhD                 Biology             Univ. California, San Diego

1976          EG          Elsa Janle Swain, PhD candidate         Vet Physiology Purdue Univ., W. Lafayette, IN

1976          GIA        Liselotte B. Hof, PhD                          Biochemistry     Albany Med. College, NY

1976          GIA        Harriet H. Kagiwada, PhD                  Mech Engrg      Rand Corp. & Univ. So. Calif.

1976          GIA        Aelita J. Pinter, PhD                            Biology             Univ. of New Orleans

1976          GIA        Carolyn A. Ward, BS                          Physics             Univ. of Missouri, Rolla

1977          EG          Carol M. Brownscheidle, PhD            Histochemistry  Univ. of Cincinnati

1977          EG          Yukiko Ebisuzaki, PhD                       Chemistry         North Carolina State Univ.

1977          EG          Karen Williams Morse, PhD               Chemistry         Utah State Univ.

1977          GIA        Carol M. Christensen, PhD                 Physiol Psychol Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia

1977          GIA        Deborah Estes Goldberg, PhD cand.   Botany              Univ. of Arizona

1977          GIA        Virginia H. Read, PhD                        Biochemistry     Univ. of Miss. Med. Center

1977          GIA        Nancy Stacy Shepherd, PhD cand.      Molecular Biol  Univ. of Texas, Dallas

1978          EG          Mary Ann Alberg, PhD                       Physics             Univ. of Washington, Seattle

1978          EG          Florence Vacarello Dunkel, PhD         Entomology      Univ. of Minnesota

1978          GIA        Beth-Jayne Ellis, PhD                         Biology             Georgia Southern College

1978          GIA/SS  Lesley Marie Hallick, PhD                  Virology            Univ. Oregon Health Sci. Cen.

1978          GIA        Karen L. Huleback                              Compar Behav  Johns Hopkins Univ.

1978          GIA        Sharon Lee Ohlhorst                           Biology             Yale Univ., New Haven, CT

1978          GIA        Carol Lovatt Repasz                            Biochemistry     Univ. of Rhode Island

1978          GIA        A. Ruth Steward                                  Toxicology        Univ. of California, Davis

1978          GIA        Lucinda Thomson                               Botany              Univ. of Michigan

1979          EG          Mary Bell Clark                                  Endocrinology  Mass General Hosp., Boston

1979          EG          Nancy Czekala Gruber                        Endocrinology  Res. Dept., San Diego Zoo

1979          EG          Susan J. Sara                                       Neurology         NYU Med School, NY, NY

1979          SDEA     Ann Budd Foster                                 Geology            Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City

1979          SDEA     Sandra Bruce Yorka                            Astronomy        Ohio State Univ., Columbus

1980          EG          Margaret M. deMaine                         Chemistry         Penn State Univ.

1980          EG          Sara M. McCowen                              Biology             Virginia Commonwealth Univ.

1980          EG          Lee-Jun C. Wong                                Chemistry         Univ. of Lowell, Lowell, MA

1980          SDEA     Anamaria Escofet                                Marine Ecol      Univ. of Wash., Seattle

1980          SDEA     Sally Ann Holick                                 Nutrition           Mass General Hosp, Boston

1980          SDEA     Alcinda Cundiff Lewis                        Zoology            Univ. of Texas, Austin

1980          SDEA     Patricia M. Shaffer                              Physical Sci      Univ. Calif., San Diego

1981          EG          Carolyn S. Brown                               Biochemistry     Clemson Univ., Clemson, SC

1981          EG          Madeleine W. Cunningham                Health Sci         Univ. Okla. Health Sci. Cen.

1981          EG          Elizabeth M. Holt                                Chemistry         Oklahoma St. Univ., Stillwater

1981          SDEA     Pamela K. Anderson                           Entomology      Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL

1981          SDEA     E. Anne M. Duthie                              Biology             Kircaldy, Fife, UK

1982          EG          Beth Genya Cohen                              Biochemistry     Chandler Med Cen, Univ of

                                                                                                                       Kentucky, Lexington, KY

1982          EG          Halina Den                                          Neurology         Coll. P&S, Columbia Univ.

1982          EG          Elaine K. Orenberg                             Dermatology     Int’l Psoriasis Res. Found,

                                                                                                                       Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA

1982          EG          Ingeborg Schuster                               Chemistry         Penn State Univ, Abington, PA

1982          ALGA    Kim E. Kendall                                   Psychology       Univ. of Mass., Amherst, MA

1982          SSA        Anne F. Skinner                                  Chemistry         Williams Coll., Williamstown

1982          SDEA     Trudy Matheny                                   Primatology      Beaufort, SC

1982          SDEA     Ann E. DeBevoise                               Biology             Univ. Calif., Santa Barbara

1983          EG          Mary Lou Caspers                              Chemistry         Univ. of Detroit, Detroit, MI

1983          EG          Helen J. Cooke                                    Physiology        Univ. of Nevada, Reno, NV

1983          EG          Roslyn Rivkah Isseroff                       Dermatology     Sch. Med., Univ. Calif., Davis

1983          EG          Grace Thorne                                      Medicine           Tufts NE Med Cen, Boston

1983          ALGA    Terry Jean Crawford                           Botany              Univ. of BC, Vancouver, BC

1983          SSA        Elizabeth Gerity                                   Biol Sciences    Northern Ill. Univ., DeKalb, IL

1983          SDEA     Mary-Beth Krogh-Jesperson              Chemistry         Pace Univ., New York, NY

1983          AHA       Karen Lynn Swisshelm                       Pathology          Univ. of Wash., Seattle, WA

1984          EG          Ann LeFurgey                                     Physiology        Duke Univ., Durham, NC

1984          EG          Phyllis M. Lugger                               Physics/Astron  Univ. Missouri, Columbia

1984          EG          Carla Montgomery                              Geology            Northern Ill. Univ., DeKalb, IL

1984          EG          Sheri Skinner                                      Cell Biology      Baylor Coll. Med, Houston, TX

1984          ALGA    Gail E. Foreman                                  Zoology            Ohio State Univ., Columbus

1984          EMG      Eleri Ann Frazier                                 Biology             Reed Coll., Portland, OR

1984          AC          Susan Wood Jerger                             Communicative Baylor Coll. of Med.

                                                                                             Disorders          Houston, TX

1984          SDEA     Susan R. McKay                                 Physics             MIT, Cambridge, MA

1984          SDEA     Elisabetta Ullu                                     Molec Biophys Yale Univ., New Haven, CT

1985          EG          Gayle I. Hansen                                  Algology           Friday Harbor, Univ. of Wash.

1985          EG          Susan Jackels                                      Chemistry         Wake Forest Univ.,

                                                                                                                       Winston-Salem, NC

1985          EG          Kathie Newman                                   Physics             Univ. Notre Dame

1985          EG          Pamela J. Stewart                                Pharmacology   Northwestern U Med School,

                                                                                                                       Chicago, IL

1985          SDEA     Linda D. Caren                                    Biology             Univ. of Santa Clara,

                                                                                                                       Santa Clara, CA

1985          SDEA     Krishna Chakrabarty                           Biochemistry     Coll. Med., Univ. Ill, Chicago

1985          SDEA     Patricia Power Krupp                          Anat/Neurobiol Univ. Vermont, Burlington

1985          SDEA     Marilyn A. Lloyd                                Genetics            Wash. State Univ., Pullman

1985          SDEA     Sally V. Rudmann                               Med Technol     Sch Allied Health Prof, Ohio

                                                                                                                       State Univ., Columbus, OH

1985          SDEA     Marika von Sydow                              Speech              Univ of So. Calif, Glendale, CA

1986          EG          Barbara A. Best                                   Zoology            Duke Univ., Durham, NC

1986          EG          Alison J. Longley                                Neurology         Friday Harbor, Univ. of Wash.

1986          EG          Myra Shulman                                    Biology             Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles

1986          SDEA     Margaret A. Hodge                             Biol Sci             Univ. of Cincinnati

1986          SDEA     Gail Anne McCarthy                           Rheumatology   Georgetown Hosp., Wash., DC

1986          SDEA     Pierette M. Shipman                            Anatomy           T. Jefferson Med. Coll, Phila.

1986          AHA       Pamela Soltis                                       Botany              Wash. State Univ., Pullman

1986          SDEA     Georgiana L. Strickland                      Geology            Geo. Wash., Univ., Wash., DC

1987          EG          Maureen R. Diggins                            Endocrinology  Augustana Coll., Sioux Falls

1987          ALGA    Monica J. McCann                              Physiology        Ohio State Univ., Columbus

1987          SDEA     Ashleigh Head                                     Biology             Univ. Wash., Seattle

1988          MHF      Kristin H. Lopez                                 Biology             Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

1988          ALGF     Diane F. Cowan                                  Marine Biol       Ohio State Univ., Columbus

1988          HCF       Maria Renata Finckh                           Botany              Oregon State Univ., Corvallis

1988          EG          Joyce E. Longcore                               Botany              Univ. of Maine

1988          EG          Dawn Wilson                                      Biology             Univ. of South Florida

1989          ALGF     Magdalena Gilmore                             Physiology        Brown Univ., Providence, RI

1989          HCF       Margaret E. Black                               Microbiology    Oregon State Univ., Corvallis

1989          EG          Melissa Trammel                                 Fisheries           Colorado State U., Fort Collins

1989          SSF        Lynn L. Stoll                                       Cell Biology      Coll. of Med., Univ. of Iowa

1989          CSF        Sylvia Hixon                                       Anthropology    Univ. of Calif., Berkeley

1989          EG          Mary Lou Caspers                              Chemistry         Univ. of Detroit, Detroit, MI

1989          EG          Laura A. Pressley                                Chemistry         Univ. of Texas, Austin

1989          EG          Linda A. Raubeson                              Biology             Yale Univ., New Haven, CT

1990          EG          Ann E. Shinnar                                    Biochemistry     Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia

1990          EG          Catherine Loudon                                Biology             Univ. of California, Berkeley

1990          EG          Helen McNeil                                      Biology             Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA

1990          EG          Kathleen Whitlock                              Zoology            Univ. of Wash., Seattle

1990          SDEF     Leisa K. Townsley                              Astronomy        Univ. of Wyoming

1990          SDEF     Patricia A. Holroyd                             Anthropology    Duke Univ., Durham, NC

1990          SDEF     Rose Marie Belforti                             Zoology            Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY

1991          EG          Emily Carrington Bell                         Marine Biol       Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA

1991          EG          Karen J. Garner                                   Zoology            Zool. Soc. of San Diego

1991          EG          E. Dale Kennedy                                 Biology             Kansas State Univ.

1991          EG          Kathryn Stoner                                    Zoology            Zool. Soc. of San Diego

1991          EG          Wendy Carroll H. Green                     Biology             Univ. of Nevada

1991          LTA        Harpreet Sanhu                                   Pharmacy          Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs

1991          LTA        Adele Mountz                                      Biochemistry     Coll. Agr. & Life Sci.,

                                                                                                                       Blacksburg, VA

1991          ALGF     Malonne I. Davies                               Chemistry         Univ. of Kansas

1991          SSF        Dorothy E. Freidel                              Geology            Univ. of Kansas

1991          SDEF     Tanya Shipkowitz                                Physiology        Univ. of Iowa

1991          SDEF     Yumei Eureka Wang                           Biology             Purdue Univ., W. Lafayette, IN

1992          LTA        Joy L. Frestedt                                    Cell Biology      Children’s Medical Center,

                                                                                                                       Minneapolis, MN

1992          LTA        Janet R. Serie                                      Biology             Macalester Coll., St. Paul, MN

1992          EG          Karen H. Clary                                    Botany              Univ. of Texas, Austin

1992          EG          Deborah Swartz                                   Genetics            Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL

1992          SDEF     Barbara Berquam                                Geology            Iowa State Univ., Ames

1992          SDEF     Jean Stojak                                          Chem Engrg      Univ. of California, San Diego

1993          SDEF     Shelley Adamo                                    Neurobiology    Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY

1993          SDEF     M. Angela McGehee                           Marine Sci        Univ. of Puerto Rico, Lajas, PR

1993          SDEF     Maria Patterson McGuire                    Marine Biol       Univ. of Miami, Miami, FL

1993          EG          Sherri M. Jones                                   Otolaryngology Univ. of Missouri, Columbia

1994          SDEF     Jennifer Shackelford                           Zoology            Univ. of Central Oklahoma

1994          SDEF     Nina Andres                                        Zoology            WRRC, USDA-ARES,

                                                                                                                       Albany, CA

1994          SDEF     J. N. Roelophen                                  Astronomy        McGill Univ., Montreal, QC

1994          EG          Lisa Brauer                                          Pharmacology   Univ. of  Chicago, Chicago, IL

1995          EG          Lena S. Nicolai                                    Mycology         Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

1995          EG          Olga Potopova                                     Genetics            San Diego Regional Cancer Ctr

1995          EG          Dawn Dittman                                     Biology             Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

1995          SDEF     Keddy Yemane                                    Geology            Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia

1996          EG          Holly Falk-Krzesinski                         Physiology        Med. Cen., Loyola Univ.

                                                                                                                       of Chicago

1996          EG          Catherine A. C. Mossman                   Pop’n Genetics Purdue Univ., W. Lafayette, IN

1996          EG          Maria Carolina Yaber                          Ecology             Purdue Univ., W. Lafayette, IN

1996          SDEF     V. Shawn Barwick                               Pharmacology   Medical School, E. Carolina

                                                                                                                       Univ., Greenville

1996          VNF       Elizabeth E. LeClair, PhD                    Fish Embryol    Univ. of Chicago

1996          VNF       Katherine C. Kelley, PhD cand           Evol Biology     Univ. of Chicago

1996          VNF       Betty Guo                                            Molec Biol        Texas A & M Univ., Houston

1997          EG          Maria Gabriela Mangano                    Paleontology     Univ. Buenos Aires, Argentina

1997          EG          Maria M. Castillo                                Ecology             Univ. Michigan, Ann Arbor

1997          EG          Adrienne Blair                                     Evol Biology     Univ. Calif., Los Angeles

1997          VNF       Anne H.Walton                                   Biogeography   Texas A & M Univ., Houston

1997          VNF       Kathryn J. Egbert                                Botan Physiol   Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

1997          VNF       Bonnie Pitblado                                   Paleontology     Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

1997          SDEF     Kimberly G. V. Davidson, PhD cand  Plant Physiol     Colorado State Univ.

1998          EG          Lisa Angeloni                                      Marine Biol       Univ. Calif. S. Diego, La Jolla

1998          EG          Shelly L. Ball                                      Pop’n Ecology  Univ. of Missouri, Columbia

1998          EG          Cara Shillington                                  Physiology        Oklahoma St. Univ., Stillwater

1998          ALGF     Laura Milliken                                     Exer Physiol     Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

1998          HCF       Sally Casey                                         Anthropology    New York Univ., NY, NY

1998          SDEF     Jana Davis                                           Marine Biol       Scripps Inst., UCSD, La Jolla

1998          SDEF     Amanda  D. Rodewald                        Ecology             Penn State Univ.

1998          VNF       Shannon Livingston                            Biology             Boise State Univ., Boise, ID

1998          VNF       Harriet Tenenbaum                              Psychology       Univ. of Calif., Santa Cruz

1998          VNF       Rae Winfree                                        Ecology             Princeton Univ., Princeton, NJ

1998          VNF       Julie Beckstead                                    Plant Ecology    Univ. of Illinois, Urbana

1999          EG          Sarah Bergemann                                Plant Biology    Univ. of Wyoming, Laramie

1999          EG          Angela Nunley                                    Physiology        Howard U., Washington, DC

1999          EG          Julie Smith                                          Biology             New Mexico St. U, Las Cruces

1999          SDEF     Rebecca Fuller                                     Biology             Florida St. Univ., Tallahassee

1999          SDEF     Samantha Gadd                                   Pharmacology   W. Virginia U., Morgantown

1999          SDEF     Holly Nash                                          Physiology        Uniformed Services U. of the

                                                                                                                       Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD

1999          VNF       Jennifer Beer                                       Psychology       Univ. of California, Berkeley

1999          VNF       Yvonne Coursey                                  Biology             Univ. of South Florida, Tampa

1999          VNF       Nuzha Tahoe                                       Biochemistry     Univ. of Minnesota, St. Paul

1999          LTA        Melita Nasca                                                                 Texas Woman’s Univ.

1999          LTA        Yuliya Dobrydneva                                                       E. Virginia Med. School

1999          LTA        Deborah Marie Kurrasch-Orbaugh                               Purdue Univ., W. Lafayette, IN

2000          EG          Jennifer Brown                                    Marine Ecol      Univ. of California, Santa Cruz

2000          EG          Emily DuVal                                       Biology             Univ. of California, Berkeley

2000          EG          Tatiana Kiselyova                                Entomology      Univ. of Georgia, Athens

2000          EG          Elizabeth Richards                               Entomology      Texas Tech. Univ., Lubbock

2000          SDEF     Sally A. Kim                                       Neurobiology    Univ. Texas-Houston Health

                                                                                             Science Center, Houston

2000          SDEF     Amy C. Shurtleff                                 Pathology          Univ. Texas Medical Branch,


2000          VNF       Sandra D’Alessandro                          Biology             George Mason U., Fairfax, VA

2000          VNF       Kirsten Edey                                       Anthropology    Duke Univ., Durham, NC

2000          VNF       Cynthia J. Wilson                               Civil Eng           Univ. of Illinois, Urbana

2001          EG          Alison C. McCombe                           Biology             Univ. of Florida, Gainesville

2001          EG          Tonia Schwartz                                    Pop’n Genetics Univ. of So. Florida, Tampa

2001          EG          Jennifer Reithel                                   Ecology             Univ. of California, Irvine

2001          EG          Sharon Downes                                   Ecology             Australian Nat’l U., Canberra

2001          EG          Lisa DiGirolamo                                 Ecology             Univ. of California, Santa Cruz

2001          EG          Katherine Thibault                               Zoology            U. New Mexico, Albuquerque

2001          SDEF     Roxana Ursea                                      Physiology        NY Presbyterian Hosp., NY

2001          SDEF     Jennifer Cole                                       Paleontology     SUNY Stony Brook, NY

2001          SDEF     Yuko Hanakawa                                  Psychology       Adelphi U., Garden City, NY

2001          SDEF     Jennifer Powers                                   Soil Science      Duke Univ., Durham, NC

2001          VNF       Jin Kim Montclare                              Molec Biol        Yale Univ., New Haven, CT

2001          VNF       Julie Gros-Louis                                 Zoology            Univ. of Penna., Philadelphia

2001          VNF       Susan McDowell                                 Plant Physiol     Oregon State Univ.

2001          VNF       Naomi Gribneau                                  Physiology        Univ. of California

2002          EG          Lynn Siefferman                                 Ornithology      Auburn Univ., Auburn, AL

2002          EG          Stacy James                                         Ecology             Univ. Missouri, Columbia, MO

2002          EG          Jennifer Sorensen                                Physiology        Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City

2002          EG          Vy A. Phan                                          Physiology        Mayo Gr. Sch, Rochester, MN

2002          EG          Oluwakemi Obajimi                            Physiology        Dunstaffnage Marine Lab.,

                                                                                                                       Oban, Scotland, UK

2002          ALGF     Britta Hardesty                                    Plant Biology    Univ. of Georgia, Atlanta

2002          HCF       Alison Hamilton                                  Ecology             U. No. Dakota, Grand Forks

2002          SDEF     Jacqualine Grant                                  Physiology        Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY

2002          SDEF     Laura Adams                                       Physics             Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis

2002          NIMF     Patricia Ladipo                                    Food Science    Ithaca, NY

2002          VNF       Meghan Mahoney                               Zoology            Michigan St. U., East Lansing

2002          VNF       Linda Fuselier                                     Plant Science     Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington

2002          VNF       Katherine McFadden                           Conservation     Columbia Univ., New York, NY

2002          LTA        Sharmilee Sawant                                Toxicology        Univ. Louisiana, Monroe, LA

2003          EG          Sara Jane Oppenheim, PhD cand.       Genetics/Ecol    No. Carolina State U., Raleigh

2003          EG          Carrie Wu                                           Ecology             Univ. of California, Irvine

2003          EG          Dawn Ford, PhD candidate                 Physiology        Ohio Univ., Athens, OH

2003          NIMF     Claudia Romero                                  Ecophysiology  Univ. of Florida, Gainesville

2003          ALGF     Ann Cleveland, PhD                            Marine Biology Maine Maritime Acad., Castine

2003          HCF       Michelle Powell, MS candidate           Neurology         Michigan St. Univ., E. Lansing

2003          SDEF     Laurie J. Dizney, PhD candidate         Ecology             Portland State U., Portland, OR

2003          VNF       Paola Carrizo, PhD candidate              Agric/Zool         Buenos Aires Univ., Argentina

2003          VNF       Tiffany Elyce Crane                            Plant Sci            Univ. of New Orleans

2003          VNF       Virginia R. Shervette                           Fisheries           Texas A & M U., College Sta.

2003          VNF       Laura Monti                                        Ecol/Genetics    Arlingon, VA

2003          LTA        Rachel Squires Bulinski                      Physiology        Univ. of Minnesota, Duluth

2003          LTA        Xiao-Fei Zhou                                     Pharmacy          SUNY Buffalo, NY

2003          LTA        Sara K. Quinney, PharmD                  Pharmacy          Purdue Univ. Sch. Pharmacy,

                                                                                                                       Indianapolis, IN

2003          LTA        Lucy Perrone                                       Virology            Univ. of Texas, Galveston

2004          EG          Paola Pedraza                                      Plant Science     CUNY, NY Botanical Garden,

                                                                                                                       New York, NY

2004          EG          Rosa Scherson                                    Plant Ecol          Univ. California, Davis

2004          EG          Nancy Beecher                                    Zool/Ecology    Indiana Univ.

2004          ALGF     Claire St. Peter                                    Psychology       Univ. of Florida

2004          HCF       Mary Emily Garcia                              Plant Physiol     Univ. California, Santa Barbara

2004          SDEF     Larissa R. Brunner                              Physiology        Emory Univ., Atlanta, GA

2004          NIMF     Aimee Christy                                     Marine Biochem Evergreen State College

                                                                                                                       Olympia, WA

2004          VNF       Anne Carlson                                      Physiology        Univ. Washington, Seattle

2004          VNF       Tammy Moscrip                                  Psychology       Columbia Univ., New York, NY

2004          VNF       Chris Hice                                           Zoology            Texas Tech. Univ.

2004          VNF       Carla Rockwell                                    Forest Ecol        Univ. of Florida, Micanopy, FL

2004          LTA        Charli Long                                         Chemistry         Univ. Penna., Philadelphia

2004          LTA        Joyce Riehl                                          Biophysics        Univ. California, Davis

2004          LTA        Bengu Sezen                                       Chemistry         Columbia Univ. New York, NY

2004          LTA        Ida Melinda Stone                               Physiology        Montana Neuroscience Inst.,

                                                                                                                       Missoula, MT

2004          LTA        Hania Wehbe                                      Chemistry         Baylor Univ., Waco, TX

2005          EG          Nancy L. Barrickman                          Zoology            Duke Univ., Durham, NC

2005          EG          Mollie F. Cashner                               Ecology             Tulane Univ., New Orleans, LA

2005          EG          Alex Caroline Gilman                          Plant Ecology    Univ. California, Los Angeles

2005          EG          Carrie Elizabeth Hult Scheele              Aquatic Biology Michigan St. U., East Lansing

2005          EG          Silvana Marten-Rodriguez                   Plant Ecology    Univ. Maryland, College Park

2005          EG          Line M. Trouilloud                              Zool Behavior   Michigan St. U., East Lansing

2005          ALGF     Carolyn Mary Kurle                            Marine Ecol      Santa Cruz, CA

2005          HCF       Mariana Carriquiry                              Physiology        Falcon Heights, MN

2005          NIMF     Kimberly Epps                                    Ecology             Univ. Florida, Gainesville

2005          NIMF     Niyati Mehta                                                                 Madison, WI

2005          SDEF     Tracy Baynard                                     Physiology        Syracuse, NY

2005          SDEF     Kerry Fanson                                      Physiology        W. Lafayette, IN

2005          SDEF     Angela Lukowski                                                          Angela Lukowski

2005          SDEF     Melanie Murphy                                                           Moscow, ID

2005          SDEF     Jean Sumner                                        Physiology        Washington St. U., Pullman

2005          VNF       Laurie J. Dizney                                  Zoology            Portland State U., Portland, OR

2006          EG          Yi-Hsin Erica Tsai                               Biology             Duke Univ., Durham, NC

2006          EG          Kimberly A. Rosvall                            Biology             Duke Univ., Durham, NC

2006          EG          Kelly Anne Mercier                             Chemistry         University of Nebraska Lincoln

2006          EG          Cassie Majetic                                     Biology             University of Pittsburgh

2006          ALGF     Kimberly Anderson                             Psychology       Univ. of Florida, Gainesville

2006          SDEF     Maria Gabriela Palacios                      Biology             Iowa State University, Ames

2006          SDEF     Jocelyn Muller                                    Conservation     Tufts University

2006          SDEF     Alexandra Goodell                              Biol Sci             Humboldt St. U., Arcata, CA

2006          VNF       Karen Koy                                          Paleontology     Univ. Illinois, Chicago

2006          VNF       Amanda Malueg                                  Biological Sci    Virginia Tech,  Blacksburg

2006          NIMF     Georgiana G. Gould                            Pharmacology   Univ. of Texas Health Science

                                                                                                                       Center at San Antonio

2006          HCF       Mari Kimura                                       Ornithology      Cornell Lab of Ornithology,

                                                                                                                       Ithaca, NY

2007          ALGF     Margaret Holland                                Conservation     Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

2007          HCF       Shannon Pelini                                    Ecology             Univ. Notre Dame

2007          SDEF     Katherine Traynor                               Chemistry         Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

2007          EG          Andrea Townsend                               Evol Biology     Cornell Lab of Ornithology,

                                                                                                                       Ithaca, NY

2007          EG          Erin Kelleher                                       Physiology        Univ. of Arizona, Tucson

2007          EG          Katherine Hull                                     Chemistry         Univ. Notre Dame

2007          EG          Julie Collens                                        Plant Physiol     Univ. of Chicago

2007          VNF       Tami Ransom                                      Ecology             Univ. Virginia, Charlottesville

2007          VNF       Anya Illes                                            Ornithology      Univ. Washington, Seattle

2007          NIMF     Janet Nye                                            Marine Ecol      Univ. Maryland, Chesapeake

                                                                                                                       Biol. Lab, Solomons, MD

2008          ALGF     Alyssa S. Hakes                                  Ecology             Louisiana St. Univ.,

                                                                                                                       Baton Rouge

2008          HCF       Davorka Gulisija                                 Evol Zool          Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

2008          SDEF     Sheena Chaston                                   Bacteriol/Ecol    Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

2008          SDEF     Catherine L.Searle                               Ecology             Oregon State Univ., Corvallis

2008          SDEF     Styliani Goulopoulou                          Exercise Sci      Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, NY

2008          SDEF     K. Fay Gorman                                   Biology             Simon Fraser U., Burnaby, BC

2008          EG          Jennifer K. O’Leary                            Biology             Univ. Calif., Santa Cruz

2008          EG          Jennifer Doherty                                 Fungal Ecol       Univ. Penna., Philadelphia

2008          VNF       Caroline Ring                                      Physiol              Duke Univ., Durham, NC

2008          NIMF     Londa Vanderwal                                Agr/Sociol         Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City

2008          NIMF     Wenjun Zhang                                    Biochemistry     Univ. Calif., Los Angeles

2008          NIMF     Katarina Mikac                                    Agr/Ecol            Univ. Canberra, Bruce, ACT,

2008          NIMF     Dena Vallano                                       Ecology             Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY

2008          NIMF     Ruth Franklin                                      Exercise Sci      Syracuse U., Syracuse, NY

2009          ALGF     Jane Turner                                         Arctic & Alpine Res

                                                                                                                       Univ. Colo., Boulder, CO

2009          HCF       Kristen Alexander                               Physics             Univ. No. Carolina, Chapel Hill

2009          SDEF     Julie Rushmore                                   Ecology             Univ. of Georgia, Athens

2009          EG          Carolyn Freiwald                                 Anthropology    Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

2009          EG          Ye Kang Ko                                        Urban Studies   Univ. Calif.—Berkeley

2009          EKAF     Veronica Brown                                  Ecol/Evol Biol   Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville

2009          VNF       Sara Ruane                                          Biology             CUNY Grad Cen, Staten Is, NY

2009          NIMF     Stephanie Miller                                  Zoology            Michigan State U., E Lansing

2009          NIMF     Shirin Hooshmand                              Nutr/Food/Exercise Science

                                                                                                                       Florida State U, Tallahassee

2009          NIMF     Mandeep K. Virk                                Pathology          Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham

2010          ALGF     Cyd Hamilton                                      Horticulture       Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY

2010          HCF       Colleen Gault                                      Primatology      Max-Planck-Institute for

Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Ger.

2010          SDEF     Courtney Coon                                    Integrative Biology

                                                                                                                       Univ. So. Florida, Tampa

2010          EGF       Satsuki Takahashi                               Electr. Engrg     U. So. Calif., Los Angeles

2010          EGF       Nathalie Lefebvre                                Geology            Univ. of Otago, Dunedin, NZ

2010          EKAF     Breda Zimkus                                      Comparative Zoology

                                                                                                                       Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA

2010          VNF       Tanya Cheeke                                      Soil Microbiology

                                                                                                                       Portland State U., Portland, OR

2010          NIMF     Ashley (Linton) McGrew                    Nutrition/Parasitology

                                                                                                                       Colorado St. U., Ft. Collins

2010          NIMF     Rachael Bryan                                     Nutrition/Biochemistry

                                                                                                                       Univ. No. Carolina, Chapel Hill

2010          NIMF     Xinyin Jiang                                        Nutritional Sci.  Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY

2011          ALGF     Elizabeth Bradbury                              Botany              Univ. Wisc., Madison

2011          HCF       Jennifer Shields                                   Envir. Sci. Engrg.

                                                                                                                       Univ. No. Carolina, Chapel Hill

2011          SDEF     Alycia Lackey                                      Evol. Biol.         Mich. State Univ., E. Lansing, MI

2011          SDEF     Irene Liu                                              Biol.                  Duke Univ., Durham, NC

2011          EGF       Christina Gottfried Sie                        Molec. Biol.      Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem, PA

2011          EGF       Kate Laskowski                                   Animal Biol.      Univ. Illinois, Urbana, IL

2011          EKAF     Susan Bobb                                         Psychol.            Georg-August Univ. Göttingen, Ger.

2011          VNF       Nina Goodey                                       Biochem.           Montclair State Univ., Montclair, NJ

2011          NIMF     Anne Marie Chomat                            Parasitol. & Envir. Sci.

                          Macdonald Campus, McGill Univ.,

                          Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, Canada

2011          NIMF     Kanika Bhargava                                 Nutr. & Food Sci.         

                                                                                                                       Wayne State Univ., Detroit, MI

2012          ALGF     Patricia Silveyra                                   Molec. Biol.      Penn State Coll. Med., Hershey, PA

2012          HCF       Stephanie S. Gervasi                           Ecol., Biol., Microbiol., Immunol.

                                                                                                                       Oregon State Univ., Corvallis, OR

2012          SDEF     Caroline C. Duwaerts                          Pathobiology     Brown Univ., Providence, RI

2012          SDEF     Eva Kristin Fischer                              Evol. Biol.         Colorado State Univ., Ft. Collins, CO

2012          EGF       Tara Joy Massad                                 Forest Ecol.       Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, IL

2012          EGF       Madeline Brown Girard                      Arachnidology  Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA

2012          EKAF     Cheryl Bowker                                    Agric. Ecol., Pest Mgmnt.

                                                                                                                       Colorado State Univ., Ft. Collins, CO

2012          VNF       Elizabeth Droge-Young                       Evol. Biol.         Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, NY

2012          NIMF     Laurel Redding                                    Internat’l. Animal Agric.

                                                                                                                       Univ. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

2012          NIMF     Jokastah Wanzuu Kalungu                 Internat’l. Nutr. & Agric.,  Hamburg Univ. Applied Sciences,

                                                                                                                       Hamburg, Germany     

 2013          ALGF     Heidi Connahs                                    Genetics, Entomol.   Univ. No. Dakota, Grand Forks, ND                                                                                                             

2013          HCF       Karine Schaal                                      Exercise Physiol.,  Univ. of California, Davis, CA

 2013          MBF      Mary Grace Galinato                           Biol. Chemistry Penn State Univ., Erie, PA 

2013          EGF       Preetha Anand                                     Devel. & Cell Biol.,  Univ. of California, Irvine, CA

2013          EGF       Anastasia Woodward                          Biol. Sci.           Arkansas State Univ., State Univ., AR

2013          EGF       Seana Walsh                                       Biol. Sci.           Univ. of Hawai’i at Manoa,  Honolulu, HI

2013          VNF       Iuliana Veronica Ene                           Genetics, Mycol.,  Brown Univ., Providence, RI

 2013          EKAF     Lindsay Hussey                                  Materials Sci.    North Carolina State Univ.,  Raleigh, NC

2013          JLF         Rebecca Renee Hernandez                  Ecol., Mycol.     Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA

2013          NIMF     Lauren Moscoe                                   Ethnobotany      Univ. of Wisconsin — Madison, Madison, WI

2013          NIMF     Laura Craig                                         Hydrologic Sci.,    Univ. of Nevada — Reno & Desert Research 

Inst., Reno, NV

2013          NIMF     Katherine Ennis                                   Ecol.                  Univ. of California, Santa Cruz, CA

2013          NIMF     Maria Hindt                                         Biol. Sci.           Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

2013          NIMF     Amanda Socha                                    Biol. Sci.           Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH